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    WHM Setup


    I'm not sure how to setup the nameservers etc on WHM. Here is my situation, I register my accounts through enom, and those I would like to point to use my server as a dns, cuz that works better with cpanel i believe. But I do have customers that registered their own dns, and some don't want to use my server as the dns, they just want to point to my ip for the webserver and for the mx (email) record. So how Do I set this up on WHM?

    There are 3 things I'm confused about .

    1: Modify Resolver Configuration, how should I set this up? What should my entries for primary, secondary and tertiary resolver be?

    2. Manage Assigned Nameserver IP, what is this for exactly as I'm not familiar with whm. I've got 2 registered dns's at enom, and should I put their ip's here? Or should the IP of my server be here?

    3. Initial Nameserver setup, should I be doing this? I have went through and it says it setup bind, but i'm not sure if I need to have this running or not.

    Also, I need to setup my domains to move them over from another reseller which does not use cpanel, what's the easiet way to do this? Just set them up under the "Account Functions" ? Because I can't seem to add any accounts until I get the name server thing resolved

    Thanks for any help or suggestions you can give.


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    1) Request 2 ip's
    2) Click on Manage Nameserver IPs
    3) Add the 2 ip's
    4) Ask your domain company to register ns1.yourdomain.tld - ip1 and ns2.youredomain.tld -ip2.
    5) leave it for about 24 hours to resolve
    6) click on Edit Setup
    7) find Primary Nameserver:, add ns1.yourdomain.tld then click add A entry and do the same for Secondary Nameserver but with ns2.
    8) Everything should work ok, but I had a few problems with bind which was easily fixed by reinstalling it.

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    Contact me if your still confused..

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    Thanks Darth,

    That makes more sence now

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