Why is this the best deal for the buck, because right now I have very few people. So you get much better bandwidth then most that are offering huge amounts of disk space and bandwidth. Look most of these people have hundreds or even thousands of websites per server. Well I don't believe in that and will never allow my servers to reach more that 80% and that would be the most. SO my 3.95/mo starting plan would be what most people would ever need. Unless you are an adult site or a major corp. you don't need more. So why pay for more. check it out at CPWEBHOSTING IF you pay for the whole year I will pay for the Domain Name Registration for the year using my registrar. ALso if you don't know html to make webpages stop paying big bucks to someone to do the work and use our Site Studio that point and click and fill in the blanks. Its so easy and you will have fun doing it too.