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    * Having Major Problems with Transferring Domain

    I am in quite a pickle. I am crossing my fingers while I am writing this, hoping that someone will have a resolution...

    My registrar is I do a whois lookup on Joker, and it states that [email protected] and [email protected] have the authority to make changes to the domain

    When I log in as [email protected], I do not have the option of modifying the domain I cannot log in as [email protected] because I no longer have access to that e-mail address. Incidentally, I no longer have access to that e-mail address because I cannot log into to change the DNS information.

    I have attempted to contact Joker repeatedly, to no avail. Noone has replied to any of my inquiries. I looked through Joker's FAQ - no help.

    I am considering transferring my domain to another registrar, BUT most registrar's require that you have access to the administrative contact's email account - which I do not. I do, however, have access to the Owner Contact e-mail address.

    Any suggestions here? I am in nightmare-ish loop. Thanks!

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    678 - a very confusing system, but somehow works. Their support do reply - but only if your question is not in their FAQ. I think your domain was with their old system (core) and you renewed it so it wen to their new system. This is a common problem - and can be solved.

    You can not transfer the domain out of joker, unless you login and open a transfer window.

    I'll fresh up on the Joker stuff and get back to you - unless someone beets me to it

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    In order to transfer AWAY from Joker, you will need to first initiate the transfer at Joker, then initiate the transfer at the gaining registrar. The gaining registrar does not care if you have access to the admin email address - however you will need to approve the tranfer at Joker using their transfer approval mechanism.

    If you don't authorize the outgoing transfer before you trigger the transfer at the gaining registrar, you'll have to wait until the transfer fails and times out to submit it again.

    This is defined in the FAQ on Joker's website - but it's buried and hard to find .

    Good luck,

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    We've been having a serious problem with recently, regarding some domains we transferred to our account. The domains appear to be in limbo and they won't respond to ANY support requests, which is highly uncharacteristic of them (in my experience).

    I wonder if they're having internal problems.

    Their web site indicates they don't have any phone support - so we can't call them and ask what the problem is.

    Anyone else having similar issues with

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