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    Modern Bill or PhpManager

    Looking at ModernBill

    testing it, runs fine on our servers but seems to run fairly heavy.

    can anybody tell me if ModernBill is worth the money and effort?

    I figure with the growth we are achieving that very soon we are going to need something better than the offline database we currently use for customer information.

    Any recommendations for a system that runs invoices, customer billing etc?

    We looked and tested PhpManager but does not seem to go far enough with what we need, security, ease of use and flexibility more important than price.

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    the one i use is

    cheap and does it all... 2checkout too.


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    I had a look at

    I could not see clearly how the invoicing was setup if at all, its seems ok but pricing is near what MB would be which has a better invoicing layout.

    thankyou for the reply.
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    ispmanagerinabox has an attractive look and feel, but there is no support, which makes it unusable for me.

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    the owner said

    Up coming stuff:

    Version 1.4.9 and up (to 1.9) - next release scheduled for 11/4/2002

    1) More variables in welcome emails
    2) Clients have ability to change their password to client area
    3) eFax integration for daily,weekly and monthly reports
    4) Currency symbol as a variable to accept other currency symbols throughout
    the site
    5) Affiliate reporting system (daily,weekly or monthly reports - you choose)
    email and/or fax

    Version 2.0 - Release date scheduled for 11/30/2002 - 12/7/2002

    1) Full WHM/cPanel Integration - more to come on this. Key phrase
    2) Built in Invoicing system with billing history
    3) Client area to have billing history per domain account
    4) More reporting
    5) Domain expiration management system (monitor domains and tell clients
    they are about to expire)
    6) HostCharge payment integration (if they have the new system in place)
    7) WorldPay payment integration (looks promising)
    8) 4 Part order process
    --> Choose Package
    --> Enter domain information (with expiration date)
    --> Enter Client information for account
    ----> Verify information and go to payment processor
    *** This will eliminate the need for pid=XX after order.php ***


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    It really depends on how much you are willing to invest..

    personally I dont think modernbill is worth the money just yet.
    once V4 is fully functional and stable then this will bring new headway for MB.

    the newly implemented api will greatly reduce their time on adding new features.. which means we will get more things that we request faster..

    overall... modernbill does its job and does it well. the new version is still in early release and has some minor issues to work out and they seem to be on top of things..

    just so you know coming in that mb is still early stage on the new version, but if you want something that is going to awesome a month or so down the road.. then MB is the choice..

    be patient and watch what great things the new api is going to bring to MB

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    are there any of these which work witn Ensim+hostcharge, that exact combo ?
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