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    Template designers needed

    Dear friends,

    Our company is developing a content management system. We need tens of professional looking web site designs. We are willing to pay like $35 per design.

    Each design must consist of a Photoshop design in at least 3 color schemes. You do NOT have to supply html or sliced jpg or gif files. The design may only contain graphics of photo's that are freeware and may be distributed in web templates. All texts in the design (like text on buttons and slogan) must be HTML code; not Photoshop text. All designs must have main and sub-menu's.

    If you like to work with us, please contact me a.s.a.p.

    Warm regards,

    Robert Heessels

    [email protected]
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    Re: Template designers needed

    Originally posted by Robje
    We need tens of professional looking web site designs. We are willing to pay like $35 per design.

    Not to rain on your parade, but...does anyone else notice something wrong with this picture?

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    professional and $35 dont fit together in the same sentance, unless you're talking about a banner or something.
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    $35 is more like an hourly rate if you are looking for professional work. Professional being someone who works as a web/graphic designer for a living.

    Good luck with your project but dont be expecting too much for $35 per design.

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    I understand all your concerns regarding the low $35.
    I did not say 'professional' designs, but 'professional looking'.
    Of course I understand proffessionals can't work for $35.
    So I'm looking for students and freaks. The too often can do a great job.

    One of my current designers makes stuuf like this:
    I pay $35 for such a design and to me it's 'professional looking'.

    I need 50 or 100 designs and really have no budget to pay hunders of dollars per design.

    So this is the deal...
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