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    has anyone here used Feature Price?

    I am wondering if anyone has had experience, good or bad, with Feature Price web hosting ( Also, is it common to pay for a year of service instead of paying monthly?


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    There have been many topics on featureprice.
    Use the search tool above and just type in featureprice in the keyword box and all past discussion will result.
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    There is nothing wrong with paying annualy. But most people prefer monthly payments, in case their host will become a ghost. Anyway, Good Luck

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    I used featureprice. They may have had some issues lately. Got some apology email from them says something about a 30 day credit for some severe downtime. The letter seems out of character for them.

    Dear Valued Customer,

    As much as we depend upon it, technology is still not infallible. Due to
    minor hardware issues, some Feature Price customers experienced an unusually
    long server downtime. If you were affected by this interuption in service,
    we apologize for the inconvenience. Although some customers have had
    trouble getting through to technical support, please be aware that our
    technicians were working all evening to resolve the issue.

    We have posted a one month credit to all accounts that experienced downtime.
    Please accept our sincere apologies and feel free to contact us should you
    have any questions or comments on your service.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Scott Summers
    Customer Relations
    Online Help Desk:
    Technical Inquiries: 800-605-4883

    Be sure and ask alot of questions.
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    Used them a longgg time ago when I wasn't a web host.

    Feature Price =

    - Mike

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    They credit a whole month for downtime. Not bad.

    Many company wont do that.

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    As I understand it; it was extended downtime and loss of data for several customers. (only from what I've read in other forums)
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    Of course! Most of us would have played with something they made as kids!

    Uhh...hang...I thought you said "Fisher Price"...

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    I am currently with feature price and have been since February this year.

    I have never had a problem with them. They have always been friendly and helpful. I did experience some downtime this month (as mentioned above) but not huge amounts. And it was the first time so...

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    Personally I am moving from them, My main problem is I have had a lot of downtime from them and sometimes when I call it will magically start working and they said everything was fine the whole time. Then they tried to spew a bunch of jargon to try to confuse me that I was doing something wrong. Things are so bad I haven't been able to use FTP for almost 2 weeks now.....

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    Sorry to hear that Cywyn.

    As I said, I haven't had any problems, and hope I never do.

    My hosting account with them is up in a few months now. If anyone can suggest a better host (from personal experience) that costs the same, and offers the same, please do!

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    Well from the begining things were pretty good but back then I bought into the unlimited (or unmetered as I guess it turns out to be) thing and that kinda stuff so now some of my sites get locked out daily. To there credit however there tech staff usually provides more help then they have too seting up scripts and figuring out why stuff woln't work.

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    I used them for a about a year. They were pretty decent in the past but the last month or two my sites been going down at least once a week, and it got pokey at times.

    Guess I was one of those that got the extended down time. That's when I look elsewheres.

    I went with Superb. So far they seem ok but they are almost twice the price for the ecomerce package I got.

    They both support php and have databases.


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    They are great - great uptime, great support (very friendly ), etc. etc. I had to move out because my requirements exceeded what they had.
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    I just quit using Featureprice because of some problems I've had in the past. That in itself wouldn't be enough of a reason for me not to recommend them, but I'm currently in Nameserver limbo because I thought they might be able to handle keeping my nameserver account.

    For some reason, after a week they still haven't been able to figgure out how to get my domain name to point to my new domain space on a different companies server even after I sent the requirements to them. They had it for a day, but then decided in their infinite wisdom to direct it back to the empty webspace I held formerly with a note saying the site owner didn't pay his bill. I then posted several help tickets trying to get the pointers right, but kept getting a form email with how to renew my webspace account. The more upset with them I get, the dumber their help desk people seem to become. They've definitelly changed in the past few months.

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    Featurprice use

    8 months, they have been good. Simple websites that I use. Their response time for help is great. I have had only ONE problem. Their email server sends 2 emails (a duplicate with the one I send) out each time I only write and send one. Everyone writes back to me complaining that they are receiving 2 from me. Featureprice denies this is happening and it is CLEARLY happening on their end -- not mine. other than that, the price and service have been excellent.

    Anyone know WHY a duplicate email goes with each one I write?

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