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    IIS and Tiny Firewall


    Does anyone know how to configure Tiny Firewall to allow my IIS web service to start. It can't start because the firewall is denying it Internet access. If I disable the firewall it starts fine.

    You help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    what rules do you have set? make sure you are not blocking inbound syn packets on 80(or any for that matter on that port)
    Anthony LaMantia

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    In Tiny Firewall, I have the following:

    TCP on Port 80 both directions.

    Application I am permiting is.

    which is the web services (IIS).

    Local endpoint is Any port

    Remote endpoint is Any Address, any port

    It won't start with these setttings. ANy idea?

    Thanks again for your help.

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