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    Anything on Isols? Other suggestions?

    Anyone knows anything about ?

    Like many other users here, I also experienced many problems with Readyhosting. After loosing emailmessages, experiencing serverproblems way too many times, not getting any relevant response on supporttickets or no response at all, I am on the lookout for another host.

    The features of Readyhosting were great, the reliability is the worst I have ever experienced. Understandable, now I want a hosting provider giving me the same features but with better references.

    Important to me is:
    Lot's of storage space (Readyhosting offered 500mb)
    ODBC/DSN Access / SQL Server
    Password protected Directories
    ASP Upload or similar
    ASP Email
    Fully functional controlpanel, I am not willing to ask support for every feature I need.
    Unlimited emailaccounts/aliasses
    Frontpage ext.
    Fast support, by people who I don't have to explain how IIS works.

    Most of all, reliability is important. I don't want to get into, probably very ambitious and enthousiastic newbies, who just started running a hosting company. I am interested in a company which is around for some years.

    I understand there are companies or resellers linked to Readyhosting. If anyone can tell me which they are, so I can stay away from them, I'll be thankfull.


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    Hi Ron,

    I would just like to say that we are not resellers of ReadyHosting, were not resellers, We are resonabley new to WHT, however we have been in the hosting business for a year and a half.

    I am quote willing to provide references and a trial so that you can see for your self our level of service, if you are not happy you haven't lost anything.

    Let me know if we can help.

    Best Regards
    Adam Heavens
    Server Centre Limited (
    Exchange 2007 Hosting, Windows/Linux Hosting

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    I have a good expierence with their support,

    I recommend it.

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