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    Question rpm & cpp problem


    stupid question with hopefully easy solution

    I tried to install cpp-3.2-7.i386.rpm via rpm, but it always ended up with the following error message:

    [[email protected]]# rpm -i cpp-3.2-7.i386.rpm
    error: cpp-3.2-7.i386.rpm: V3 DSA signature: BAD, key ID db42a60e
    error: cpp-3.2-7.i386.rpm cannot be installed
    I tried several mirrors, but none of the downloaded cpp RPMs would install (all ended with the same error (only the key ID changed)).

    Any ideas welcome

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    From Red Hat Linux's docs:

    Starting with version 4.1 of RPM, the signature of a package is checked when installing or upgrading a package. If verifying the signature fails, you will see an error message such as:

    error: V3 DSA signature: BAD, key ID 0352860f

    If is it a new, header-only, signature, you will see an error message such as:

    error: Header V3 DSA signature: BAD, key ID 0352860f

    If you do not have the appropriate key installed to verify the signature, the message will contain NOKEY such as:

    warning: V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 0352860f
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