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    Question are there any problems with this promotion?

    Hi Everyone,

    I'll be running this limited promotion and I would like your input so that I can catch any problems before they become a reality.

    I am selling a product for $250 with this hosting package added added on as a bonus.

    They will receive:
    the first 4 months FREE with a built in discountd rate of $16.99 per month down from $24.99

    50MB Disk Space and enough bandwidth for 20,000 hits a month
    unlimited autoresponders. fordwarding and alias, 3 POP accounts, Database manager, Ad Manager, Announcer, ASP/CFM enabler, Build a one page site, Change your password, Disk usage, Easy mail administrator, ecBuilder SOHO, Front Page manager, Log manager, Plug-in Scripts, CGI-BIN, Promote Site, Site Checker, SSL Manager, Web Stats, Website Security, And the Website Wizard

    They can request an increase in bandwidth and disk space AFTER the 4 months of free hosting are over with or on an individual basis. I know the bandwidth should be limited at the price of $16.99 but I am not sure what to limit it to without a price increase also the disk space.

    So you see any problems with this promotion?

    Your comments are greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

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    20,000 hits seem little ... how much is that in actual bandwidth?
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    you should be able to offer around 10gb/mnth of bandwidth in that price ? all depends on yur target audience, and how much you yourself are paying for the bandwidth.
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