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    Cheap UK dedicated Servers!

    Finally affordable dedicated servers are creaping into the United Kingdom.

    Hosted in telehouse or redbus london (the uk's largest and fastest place to host) we can offer the following deal....

    P4 2.0GHz CPU
    512Mb DDR Ram
    100Gb 7200rpm HDisk
    80Gbytes/month bandwidth burstable to 10Mbps.

    The monthly cost is just 160 ! and these servers ping to most other uk sites at 1-3ms.

    Setup fee un-contracted is 300 or guarrantied for a year 150.

    If anyone is interested please email me at [email protected]

    P.S - can offer more server options in the uk as well as some real cheap ones at around 45 a month.

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    Can you provide anything other than an anonymous email address - website etc?

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    i can provide you with a temporary site that were working on , we are due to open on friday. Although servers have been installed allready.

    I can clearly answer anything you need here or by email until all the details are up.

    ( i know there are spelling mistakes atm give me a hour )

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    I think you need to change your server details page, as on your main page you mention at least twice all servers are hosted at telehouse click here for more details, but on your server details page it says:

    All UK servers are hosted in redbus


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    Some nice prices.

    "P.S - can offer more server options in the uk as well as some real cheap ones at around 45 a month."

    What are these cheaper end servers, im thinking of putting a gaming server online and may be interested.
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    yes i know there are loads of things that dont work on the webpage , hence its only temporary at the moment.

    I have to dash now i will get you some details up about the cheaper options as soon as i get back.

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