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    Our servers are down. They have been pulled by the server owners.

    We are now up the river without a paddle and our customer’s data and sites have all gone

    We apologies to all our customers as this is out of our hands. We have another server with another host and if you wish to place you’re backed up data on there, then please contact us.

    Our server owners were moving data centers and said that they were going to double the server costs; we feel this was not on. We tried to enter our server and now it’s all gone, your data, our data and no backups

    We have cancelled all recurring billing and refunded last months charges as a good will gesture. We are looking for alternative hosting needs.

    We again apologies to all our customers for this huge problem. We are trying to find a solution to this problem.

    Brian James


    Our temporary email address is: [email protected]

    This is the email we received.

    XXXXXXX. is sending this notification to make customers aware of
    major changes to our business operations. We have seen a deep decline in
    interest for our Cogent network and the majority of our customers have
    migrated their services onto our Internap network. This makes our current
    Cogent network very inefficient and a poor business decision for
    XXXXXX. to maintain. We will continue to offer Cogent, but it
    will be from a new facility and at different price points.

    Thursday October 31st at midnight, we will move data centers and all Cogent
    services as they are today will no longer be in place. Customers that
    decide to remain XXXXXX customers will receive new IP addresses in the
    next 24 hours so that new DNS entries, etc. can be made. We will then move
    all servers to a new facility on Thursday night which will result in 2-3
    hours of downtime. This facility will remain Cogent bandwidth and will have
    other carriers for redundancy (multi-homed). We can also setup temporary
    VPS severs on our Internap network to facilitate the transfer for any
    customers. If this is needed, please contact migration@*********** and
    let us know your requirements.

    Customers that make the move will be subject to this pricing:

    P3 1 ghz servers with 3 mb/s will be billed at $139/mo (up from $75/mo
    Additional Cogent bandwidth @ $42/mb

    All of our customers are currently do for billing which makes this date a
    clean break point for all involved parties. If you will be taking the new
    offer and signup for the
    service and use coupon "XXXXXXX". Any service or hardware that has
    not been delivered can be credited for those that decide to pass on the
    offer. IPs will be issued ahead of time to all customers, but anyone that
    has not paid by midnight on Tuesday will be assumed to not be making the

    This decision was made to benefit XXXXXX as well as existing customers
    to continue to provide dedicated web hosting services. Sorry for any
    inconvenience, but the dates outlined above can not be changed.


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    lol, you might want to post a hint of the problem ?

    dont you keep a list/database of your customers and email addresses ?
    Matt Wallis
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    I currently have one of his reseller packages, I just started reselling and I must say that I hope not all resellers can have as POOR service as this place.

    Since I've started I have had downtime almost every other day, I have logs from server tracking sites and emails to prove it. I'm not just talking about short downtimes, most are at least a few hours and this Saturday it was down for almost the entire day.

    This has been going on since I started with them, over a month ago and recently I got a message saying they are "moving data centers" so AGAIN I can expect more downtime. Also a day after that, I got another message saying "Please backup all your data as they may lose everything" ??? How the hell does this happen??? (ps I do still have the emails)

    When I started with them, they were ok to respond to my support emails about the server being down, but recently I have got NO response to my emails at all, not even to let me know the service was back up.

    I'm sorry guys, I REALLY have tried my best to be as patient as possible but my customers are REALLY getting upset with the downtime and I can understand where they are coming from.

    By the way, I have kept ALL the emails and responses from them. Except for recently, which I only have the ones I've sent, because I have had NO response.

    I just hope they don't get too upset by this post as I need to stay with them until I find another reseller, I just wanted to give my review on this Company.


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    lol crazy. TinmaN can i ask what there prices where like? was it another one of these $2 for 100GB jobbies? [slight exageration obviously]
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    1) This should be in related offers
    2) Your provider should have let you known in advance this was going to happen, and then YOU should have told your customers (not via the forums though). If your provider let you know on short notice, move somewhere else. If tghey let you know even 2 weeks in advance, then I dont see why you should be mad.

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    I would be really interested to know what this was - we're trying to track all of these companies that offer "lifetime unlimited hosting" and the like for $1/lifetime.

    If this is one of those cases, I can understand why they were on Cogent leased servers. If not - I would really wonder why deahost didn't just start to buy the Internap bandwidth - its much better.
    Travis Doherty
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    They had good pricing but it definitely wasn't like $2.00 for 100 gigs stuff, that's why I assumed they would be a responsible reseller.

    I already filled my small reseller package, and was going to upgrade to the larger reseller package, it was $44.95 / month, included ensim and had 5 GB space 150 GB bandwidth.

    The bandwidth defintely was nice, but not necessary as my customers don't even use more than 5 GB per month I needed to upgrade cuz I needed more space, my current small package only had 1GB space.

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    The email I saw a copy of was dated Oct 27. Now, someone indicated that they had sent an earlier email, but then it didn't happen. I would say if Oct 27 was the earliest notification then that is completely unacceptable. On the other hand, even with that notification, you should have reached some sort of arrangement-even if only for 1 month.

    It would be helpful, at your convenience, to post any additional information as Transoptics/Hostmania already has one public relations nightmare to their credit. Many excused the first one, but this may show a pattern which should not be excused.

    As someone located very close to them, but who has fortunately resisted the temptation to deal with them, I am personally quite disturbed and want to know as much as you can reasonably share.

    Also, did you go direct or through If through eservers, did they offer any assistance or advance notice?

    Two final points....

    First, I applaud your honesty and directness in telling your customers what has occured. It is obviously bad news, but at least it is information.

    Second, this points even further to the need for backing up to another location. Ironic that off-site backup is one of transoptics' (hostmania parent) primary advertised services.

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    What a bad situation for all parties. Hope a resolution presents itself soon. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
    Host Multiple Domains on Fast Australian Servers!!

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    I too had an account with them, but I thought the $ 5.99/pm for there 500mb / 50gb bandwidth was abit cheap so I never went for there reseller plan.

    But, I did recieve an email from deahost on Oct 28 stating that there was going to be a server move on Nov. 1 @ 12 am. So I did my back up of the site then, and boy am I glad!!!

    I currently need a home for this site, and need about 50 gb of bandwidth at a good price.

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    I am not trying to bash anyone here but whats the deal with hosts not keeping backups.. I mean before customer 1 is put on that server I think there should be a backup solution in place.. I say not only this as a host but as a hosting customer back in the day who got screwed several times by this happening in the past.

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    I profusely apologies to all concerned regarding this what I call a huge problem. We were informed by hostmania of the datacenter move and in turn informed all our customers.

    I will state that jumping from $75.00 a month for the cogent offer to $139.00 and expecting there customers like me to pay more is not on. We did hold back on a payment in protest and we then was informed that if we did not inform them that we wanted to move to the new data center and pay the increased costs then the servers were going to be turned off.

    We would have been happy to just move data centers and keep as we were but increasing the costs was not on. I then turned on this morning and found the server was non active. I have called the server company but can’t get any answer but he usually answers first time. We have another server but a bit reluctant to use it because it’s with FDCservers and we have not used it at all for hosting.

    If any customer affected by this needs the space on that server for free for 3 months then I’m happy to oblige and provide a login for you.

    This is a shock to us and we are fighting hard to get back up and online. We have had some downtime but that’s due to the server and not us or our support team.

    I can only apologies to all concerned and hope that you all did in fact take my works and backup all your data just in case. This is why as soon as they sent us this email, we informed all our customers of what’s going to happen and we were stupid enough not to use the other server as a backup system for our customers, this is were I feel terrible and disloyal to you.

    Please accept my apologies in public as I had no intention of causing any problems to any of our customers.

    Regards to all.

    Brian James

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    While it's wrong for them not to give a decent amount of advanced notice of a price increase, I think you probably should have paid it in your customer's interests, then looked at your options (as opposed to the situation they're in now). While the new price is close to double, it's still pocket change for a web server.

    Sometimes you just gotta spend the money. That's what a realistic pricing policy is for - to protect you against the bumps in the road.

    Greg Moore
    Former Webhost... now, just a guy.

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    akashik, you are absolutely right here. They defintely should have paid the increase for the server and at least have it running so us as resellers can look for a new host. I really don't understand how they can be so irresponsible and cut off everyone's account with only a few days notice.

    In fact I think all your accouts and resellers would have gladly accepted a increase in monthly fee's to avoid all these problems

    Very dissapointed now, and trying to get another host asap for my customers.. such a sad situation.

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    So, you destroyed your business over $64?

    While it's wrong for them not to give a decent amount of advanced notice of a price increase, I think you probably should have paid it in your customer's interests, then looked at your options
    As Akashik said, the next month would have cost you only $64 more than you were paying...and you damaged your customers and destroyed your business plus had to come here and make public apologies...all over $64. And, withholding payment will never benefit you in a situation like this.

    Let's look at the scorecard....Hostmania failed to maintain their same pricing and gave inadequate notice.

    You received notice...failed to react in time....said no to their new plan....didn't move your customers elsewhere....and failed to pay for services already received....

    While I feel for you.....I also don't understand your actions.

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    Originally posted by Deahost
    I will state that jumping from $75.00 a month for the cogent offer to $139.00 and expecting there customers like me to pay more is not on.
    All this over a lousy $64.00 ?? Aussie Bob, host since 2001
    Host Multiple Domains on Fast Australian Servers!!

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    I know that $64 is a lot of money to some people but I bet that this could be made up by just telling your customers that the prices are going up. or eating it for a month until more customers to come in.

    Just wondering how many customers there were? I will pay the $64 for them .. okay okay it is not a joke. Hosting is a serious business and I think people get in over their head and have no back up plan in a case like this. It sucks that the prices went up and the move or whatever that was about.

    I have never heard of the hosting company that did this but I am wondering how often does this happen?

    Is this type of stuff happening because people are selling 25 gig of BW for $2 ??

    Heck I have been doing this for a long time and I still wonder if I am doing something wrong by giving 3 gigs for $10

    Anyway I hope that all the resellers and customers get new homes soon.. and even better all on my server.


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    I had a reseller plan with them but had problems with Ensim as many things needed to be done by support. I found support ok, but when you have customers who want something now now and you can't do it because u need to contact support was not fun.

    Why not just pay the $64 and then look for another host?

    You will have to start from starch again or somehow get your customers back.

    I know its the princile that your standing by, but I think customers would have rathered you just pay it.

    I would be guessing you lost more then $64 when you refunded everyone.

    Perhaps you need to rethink your bussiness model.

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    Sheeeesh $64.00 how many sites were on this server?

    How many resellers have lost their customers and business over over $64.00?

    Makes me sooooo happy I went my wifes gut and did not bite on the hostmaina deals.

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    Yes you all are so true and we should of bit the bullet and paid the month in advance and $64.00 increase to keep our customers happy and there data safe. We have had a long and hard think and its going to be a real up hill struggle to come back from this now.

    We have cancelled all billing charges via our processor so there will be no more fees from us. Also we have credited back last months fee's as well. This action as left a bitter taste in my mouth in regards to hosting and trusting another server company, there is nothing stopping them pulling the plug or increasing the costs. We could have increased the monthly fee's yes, but we made a promise not to all our current customers not to.

    Our customer database was only small to tell the truth and at only 13 customers and 42 sites on the server it was only a small hosting company but I feel sad and depressed because of this situation this has all become. I have decided not to continue hosting and Deahost is no more.

    I feel like I have had my guts ripped out and on top of it I have lost all the data backups so I cannot contact my customers to inform them of this problem, so I hope they see this and understand that I wished I paid the bloody increase and then told our customers what’s going on and give then time to move.

    I apologies to all and will say that I have no intension of returning to the hosting market again.

    Regards to all.

    Brian James

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    Brian, Good luck in whatever you do wind up doing.. What does not kill you makes you stronger and wiser.. We all learn from our mistakes and heck I think every single person here has done something that they wish they could go back and change. Well that is life and everyone will come out of this for better or for worse but everyone will learn that crime doesn't pay... oh wait that has nothing to do with this situation.

    Good luck.


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    At Least

    At Least Brian had the decency and the courage to "face the music". So, yes, I believe he has learned something and will probably benefit from it. He has, at the least, earned my respect.

    Too bad all the kids running rampant around here who will never learn, who will never own up to what they have done, and who will never use the truth as their answer, even when it hurts.

    And, what a pleasure, although at the same time sad, to see someone like Brian and know that they are a decent human being who, not unlike all of us at one time or another, did something stupid, accepted the blame and consequences, and will move on with his life.

    Good luck.

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    Mate if u want I can give a page that saids you have gone out of business, and the reason y. PM me if interested.

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    Well I do feel sad and hurt after all the money and time that has been put into this business, and the hardest thing is letting my loyal customers down like I have.

    Deahost for now is dead but hopefully oneday we will return, better, stronger and with a backup system in place for all customers. I had plans to purchase our own server and in turn sell them on to our customers an a reduced cost and use that to grow, but this has but me back a long way.

    If hostmania had not decided to increase there costs and had the need to move the systems to another data center, then perhaps we would still be alive and kicking.

    I will say a big, big thanks to all for the support they have shown, and I hope our customers will not hold us in a bad light. We have tried to state the facts and I hope that oneday we will return with a stronger business plan.

    Regards to all and thanks


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    i am a custumers !

    i am french and a custmers deahost
    i am very sad, all my data are delete !!!!

    but i would like to know if DEAHOST went refunded us our money ?

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    * Will you refund money for customers ??

    Did you already refund money of customers signed up with you 2-3 month ago ?

    You don't reply to emails sent to you and you even didn't reply to this important issue in this forum!!

    Please answer!

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    why deahost don t answer ?

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    * poor customer relations...

    This is not the right way to treat angry/sad/mad/lost customers...

    Where are you Deahost person?, when you wanted to make new clients you knew how to smile ...

    Go ahead and reply to our questions!

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    Deahost is no longer alive. The owner is no longer on the internet or able to reply to this post.

    I know because I was a support tech for them.


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    * So, will we get a full refund of our money ??

    Will we get our money back ??

    I can't see the word "no" in between since our lawyer in in close touch with this case and we are waiting every day for a final decision of processing charges against failing yet unprofessional company. (and it's CEO, manager or whatever...)

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    The problem you have is there terms and conditions. They gave a 30 day money back gaurentee and if you went over that then you are dont have a leg to stand on.

    If you signed up and the sites were closed down before the 30 days ended, then you will get (hopefully) you months hosting fee's fee's back.

    Take a tip and keep your money in your pocket and put it down to one of those little problems.

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    What is this for a **** ?

    I am one of the 13 customers Deahost had and now they close their company. I pay there for one year and not only for two month. If I read all this it seams that this guy will not pay some money back because if you have only 13 customers and he cant find their email anymore sounds very stupid to me.

    May someone here know what is the best way to get back some money for the time not used the service.

    It is clear that he is not happy with this situation but it is not the right way that the customer have now to pay for this problems.

    At least I hope he answer anyway to this posting and let his customers know what he think to do.

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    Ok if he is not anymore able to answer can someone here help me to find out his address or have his telephon number.
    It can not be that he close his company and get from the customer which pay yearly in advance the money. I dont know the law in US but this can not be right anywhere. That he will not be able to find a possibility to read the emails or get a internet connection can not be true even not in US where you find this anywhere.. This is only why he will not pay back any money for a service he can not carry out.
    I dont know how you see this but for me this is criminal and deserve not the protection from anyone.

    So Brian James please tell me it is not true and tell us what you want to do that you leave not only angry customers.

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    Psx Wales
    6 Cae Ysgubor
    Cefn Hengoed
    Hengoed, Mid Glamorgan CF82 7DQ

    Domain Name: DEAHOST.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    James, Brian [email protected]
    6 Cae Ysgubor
    Cefn Hengoed
    Hengoed, Mid Glamorgan CF82 7DQ
    44 1443 819216
    Fax: 44 1443 816588

    Technical Contact:
    James, Brian [email protected]
    6 Cae Ysgubor
    Cefn Hengoed
    Hengoed, Mid Glamorgan CF82 7DQ
    44 1443 819216
    Fax: 44 1443 816588

    Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
    Record last updated on 19-Jul-2002.
    Record expires on 25-Apr-2003.
    Record Created on 25-Apr-2002.

    Domain servers in listed order:

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    Thanks, this is the easiest way to find out the data I ask for.
    Next time I switch on my brain before I asking.
    I was so frustated and angry that I dont think about it.

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    Lightbulb please update us


    Please update us with your latest efforts of contacting Deahost man.


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    This guy will not answer any mail or the telefon or even the fax.
    I am sure the reason is clear. It will be intrested for me how many pay for one year in advance but by 13 customers it can not be so much money. For me this will be a good learning for the next time and I think now to use my own server in my country. Their I know the law and have more possibilities when something go wrong. This experience cost me now $100 but when it help to learn it is ok. Next time I check the company more before sign but also this not help always. In the end I think you need a bit luck and a good contract.

    If someone get in contact with this guy tell him things like this will be remember a long time and it is better for him never come back in this business. If I will see him again I will fight as hard as possible against him.

    For companys and owners like this they need in the different Boards a black list to be sure things like this never happen again.

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    Originally posted by akashik
    While it's wrong for them not to give a decent amount of advanced notice of a price increase, I think you probably should have paid it in your customer's interests, then looked at your options (as opposed to the situation they're in now). While the new price is close to double, it's still pocket change for a web server.

    Sometimes you just gotta spend the money. That's what a realistic pricing policy is for - to protect you against the bumps in the road.

    Greg Moore
    I Agree. Even if it was $200 instead of that $65, the best option would have been to pay it up first and then quickly think about your options about customers. I would have done it even if the cost was $500. Reputition counts more.

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    Hi all,
    I was a customer of DEAHOST and i too have been let down with not having any refund. I live in the UK which this so called DEAHOST was working out off but i cannot seem to find anyone living in the address. I have done a search here and found that this is not the address for the owner of deahost but a forwarding or old address. If I find out anything else I will post it here. I did find Deahost very helpfull and understanding and I will not carryout anymore enquieries or a so called witch hunt over my little loss of £30 or so pounds.

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