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    cpanel mail / pop3 setup problem

    - a mail account is made with cpanel, everything seems ok.
    - I can read that accounts webmail in cpanel, thats fine too.
    - "" is pointing to the base ip of my server.
    - I try the outlook autoconfig ... it adds an account on my outlook and it looks ok.

    But when I try to read my mail I have an error like :
    "the server closed the connection... ...error-id 0x800CCC0F"

    - My mail accounts on other places are still working though.

    What could be going wrong in here ?

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    Very odd.

    Are you using outlook or outlook express? The cpanel autocongifure script is meant for use with OE, and doesn't work too well with outlook.

    Try setting up the account manually and see if you still have the problems.

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    - it is outlook express, and the auto-configured account looks like its all correct

    - manual installed accounts : same error

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    Here's the prob (I think).

    1st - Do Not use the auto config feature.

    2nd - Do not check anything in OutLook that says 'authenticate'

    3rd - Make sure you have Spam Assassin disabled.

    * That should work. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.
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    Still nothing

    Maybe I'm not connecting to the mail server correctly ? wrong port perhaps ? But so far I didnt found any settings about that in cpanel/whm...

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