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    E-Commerce Building

    Well... This is a building dedicated to e-commerce. Raised floors, diffused lighting, everything...

    Not to mention that the rent is practically free after you consider the tax credit from the Quebec Government.

    I got some info from the leasing manager - space will go for about $50/sqft/year... That works out to about $7500/employee for 150 sqft placements, but the government offers a $12500 tax credit per employee.

    There are restrictions- you have five years to double your payroll... for example. But regardless, this is a great building for someone interested in free rent in what could probably be called the worlds best building for technology leaders.

    BTW- Located in Montreal Quebec. So you get to be in Canada too - the #1 country to live in, but I should mention that Montreal is Canada's #1 most dangerous city to drive in according to stats... Probably too many people munching on poutines while driving.
    Travis Doherty
    Web Hosting Services

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    BTW - You might be wondering why I say this... or how I saw it...

    I was driving downtown Saturday night and almost got in an accidently in awe of this incredible building. You can not miss it! Beautiful.
    Travis Doherty
    Web Hosting Services

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