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    Personal control panel

    Hi all,

    I had been messing around for a few weeks on a control panel.
    It all started out when a friend of mine told me he was renting a CS server for around 60$/month. Finding it a bit expensive, I started looking for a decent dedicated server. Found one not too expensive, loaded Ubuntu Server and gave him a CS server at 30$/month.

    I hadn't been working on a server for a while, so it was a pleasure to deal with everything again! I tweaked my kernel, compiled lighttpd and php.

    I personaly prefer to have everything done by myself. It always seems better and more secure hehe

    Anyways, I worked for several weeks to code a control panel with PHP and Mysql. The website was on a VPS and the game servers on another dedicated server.

    My control panel has the following features:
    • Start, stop, force stop (kill -9 pid)
    • View logs (truncates to 52kb)
    • Change your FTP's password (the account is automaticly created)
    • Re-install your server using predifined templates (Clean, Metamod, Amxmodx, deathmatch, etc)
    • Change your RCON password
    • Change your server's hostname
    • Change your server's password
    • Auto restart if server crashes
    • Auto install amxmodx plugins

    As you might have guessed, I coded it for CS, and therefore works with any servers released by steam.
    To conclude, my friend stopped playing (therefore paying) and I just didn't feel to start a GSP.
    I am in the process to make my code GPL and to release it after more work and tweaks.

    Just to let you know
    I'll try to keep you informed!

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    That's awesome, I wish you the best of luck with the panel!

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    I think with a bit of work and a demo this could sell quite well to the medium sized companies dealing with game servers. Good luck

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    im working on my own too with php and mysql it will be a free service to the gamers out there that wish to use it.

    I would be very interested in looking at what you have done undert the GPL.

    at the moment I have to same features also.

    also working on a few other things like support ticket system, billing system, mod database etc.

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    If you guys want your panels tested in a public environment drop me a pm

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    Same here, I wouldn't mind taking a look. I have some experience running game servers and I wouldn't mind how a number of features were implemented. I may also be willing to add support for COD4 and UT3.

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    looking forward to it

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    you wont be able to view my code but you can sure test it out, its come along way in the last week. still a long way off though. should be good as I think the gaming community could benifit from a free control panel cause I dont really see one out there at the moment, well not with very many features anyway lol. i'll post up in the forums when its complete dont worry about that lol however think it will have to be done via PM cause that would be classed as self promotion not sure. is it self promotion if the product your providing is free? I suppose it is aint it?

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    Good luck with your panel
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    Support Ticket Near You!
    Why don't you Guys contribute to:

    Or even build off that? - VPS Control Panel
    Automating and monitoring your hosting business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katatonic View Post
    Why don't you Guys contribute to:

    Or even build off that?

    because you need a mster server and all that jibber jabber....

    my code is far more simple and completly web based with simple login and simple controls for users to use.

    atleast will be when its finished. hehe.

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    Good Luck Mate.

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