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    Free!!! Enom reseller account with the Cheapest registration price $8.25/yr

    Need reseller to be Domainname service.

    Free Account ( I need Only 10 Reseller )

    Reseller will got
    - Control panel
    - free Craditcard processing
    - get money in 90 Day.
    - compatible with PDQ , API

    Low cos registration
    .com .net. org .name $8.10
    .info* .biz* .us* $8.75
    .ws $18.25
    .cc .tv .nu* .bz $45.25
    Send me PM or e-mail: [email protected] to request free account.
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    i could try but i only done hosting reselling not domain

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    Sorry to burst your bubble my friend, but AFAIK eNom resellers (and ETPs) can't create reseller accounts with prices <$8.95....try it and report back

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