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    Thumbs up This Logo for 5$ !!!

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    i can even make at any size u need !

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    Nice attempt - It looks far to big for most sites, and i think the detail an spacing will be lost or blurred once you size it down too much. ... have a go...
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    i had an outer glow ill fix it up !

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    Are you affiliated with

    One of your logo looks like one below:
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    ...which in turn is using TheLogoCreator.

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    and this .... (the logo at the bottom of the page)
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    A couple of things...

    1st We have no affiliates.

    2nd The examples shown are created with The Logo Creator. The price advertized of $5 is very reasonable if people know what they are getting.

    We make no secret of the fact that we use The Logo Creator to design template based logos. There is actually a very big market for them. We have somewhat moved our focus away from The Logo Creator designs to real bespoke custom displayed in our customer portfolio ( I don't think there are any Logo Creator Designs in our Customer Portfolio).

    It is not against the law to sell logos made with The Logo is just immoral to pass the unchanged templates off as your own designs.


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