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    firewall: which one do you use?


    like everybody I'm really concerned a lot about my firewall. right now I'm using: portsentry, hostsentry, logsentry on my redhat 7.2 box.

    which fw are you using on your linux box? should you have expierence with do you know about any problems or security lacks about it?

    yes i know that every firewall is as good as I do configure it

    thanks indeed!
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    I'm currently using PMfirewall which in turn uses IPchains on my RH 7.1 box. - Database design, development and administration.

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    I dont think any of psionic solutions are actually "firewalls" they are intrusion detection systems. You are looking for things like pmfirewall, or ipchains or iptables, you could also use a script such as this:

    (IP tables is required)

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    Portsentry can be used to make an active firewall. Although it might easily be called an active IDS, as well.

    Anyway, if your firewall is a Linux box, use iptables/netfilter. It's not very active on its own, though.
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