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    Question phpmanager question.

    I just get the phpmanager, a few question regarding how do i receive my money...

    1: inside phpmanager do have few merchant account, which is the most famous and reliable?

    2: my location is Malasia, can i have money send directly to my bank account, if yes which merchant company? if no then any solution?

    3: can i set to mail the money to my house? location same as above.

    4: if i register straigh from 2checkout, ill pay tax of few % for each and every sales to 2checkout, if i use 2checkout inside phpmanager, izzit the same ill need to pay?

    5: as i know 2checkout is integrate inside phpmanager, if i create my account inside phpmanager, ill still need to pay $47 setup fee to 2checkout?

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    1. You have to set up your links (paypal, credit card, etc..)
    2. Moneyc annot be sent directly from your bank using phpManager, unless your CC processor allows it.
    3. ---I'm just going to stop here.

    phpManager manages client billing and account set ups. It is not a merchant account (i.e.,

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