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    Best Merchant Account

    I'm looking to hear your suggestions on the best merchant accounts. I'm looking for something that has no monthly fee, and under 5% per transaction fee. Setup fee is fine...

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    Unfortunately in today's world you won't likely find that. Most merchant account providers in the States will give you between 2 and 3% discount rates. Monthly fees can go as low as $10. I would check out some people like Modern Bill who are in bed with to provide REALLY low cost merchant accounts.

    Check these links out:

    PSiGate (These are the guys we use)
    Mera Bank (Good guys, they have good bank contacts and can get very competitive rates)
    2Checkout (Basic Shared Account provider. From what I hear they have some problems, but are ok) (You can find a list of all of their resellers. These guys are the biggest around. Each of their resellers have different rates, and exceptence terms.)

    Hope this helps,


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    We love for merchant accounts.
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    We have been useing for the last 2 years. They seem to be good, and we have had no problems. 24/7 support , I would say all around A+ .

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