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    Thumbs down WARNING: Do not use

    Lack of customer is one guy trying to run a lame reselling company. Looks like he uses to resell hosting. That's what I dug up but I'm not 100%.

    The website I had hosted went down once a week, and the customer service is terrible. Aside from my website going down once a week, I could never get more than a one line response from customer service. They respond with one line responses that have no relation to what you are asking.

    After emailing them several times trying to get their (his) attention i.e "Can you set up mysql please?" they respond with lines like "We'll do that.", and they don't "do it" until days later, if not weeks.

    Never gets done.

    They use the word "sorry" about every time you email them (him). Basically, they appolgize for everything, because everything they do is a mistake. In other words, they suck. Apologies don't cut it.

    I got one of their ebay "deals".

    Bottom line: do not use soniqhost

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    Looks like you're looking for a new host
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    Re: WARNING: Do not use

    Originally posted by positivesale

    I got one of their ebay "deals".

    Bottom line: do not use soniqhost
    does that mean you're gonna leave negative feedback?

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