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    Question Cobalt server appliance

    I just signed up with new host and they offer cobalt control panel.

    Has anyone had any experience with cobalt? I think they suck. Totally confusing....

    I am talking to the owner of the company tomorrow to see if I can better understand the way it works, but I already have another server lined up (I know he cant talk me into staying ) that has a great control panel

    Just wondering if anyone else is familiar with it.

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    I used cobalt raq3's and raq4's a while back they are a pretty simple system which simplfys alot of admin stuff by utilizing there .pkg installs.. nice easy clean system but in the long run yes they are kind of slow compared to todays servers and do kinda well.. suck... they do the basics but if you have a high resource site it might lag a little if they are running alot of sites off it..

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    Cobalts are a bit prehistoric.
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    Cobalt Control Panel is really very simple. Not sure where you haveing trouble or wanting to do.

    User Management - Adds Users - Magage User Allotments and Mail Settings.

    List Management- Add Mailing Lists

    Site Settings- Lists the Settings of the Virtual Account

    Ftp Settings- For Anonomous Ftp

    SSL- If SSL Certificate is Purchased and Enabled

    Site Usage- Site Stats

    Please feel free to contact me if I can help explain anything your current host cannot concerning the Cobalt Control Panel.

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