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    * webspace/bandwidth comparision sheet

    Any one have any information about what webspace and bandwidth is equivalant to?

    For example:
    750 MB of disk space = about 25,000 pages
    10 Gigabytes bandwidth = 10,000 unique visitors per day
    I am looking for a chart that lists a large comparision combination. kwim???

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    (1,000 visitors/day x 10 pages per visitor x 25kb per page) = 250,000 kb ~ 0.2384GB/day or 7.39 GB/mo

    To correlate Mbps to Megabytes per month, you could apply this formula (taking into account at 1 byte is 8+1 bits) .

    (total megabits/9 bits) * 86400 secs (per day) * 30 days

    Thus 5mbps would give you a maximum of 1440 gigabytes per month.

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    I think what you are asking for.. monthly bandwidth usage vs visitors is a bit more complex than what you make it. You have to take into account what type of site it is, what is the primary content.. is it a media site, forum, mirror or sorts, typical image sizes, blahblahblah.
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    There is no way to say exactly because the size of your page and files vary. Get as much bandwidth with your plan as you can !

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