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    Question Anyone know a free webhost that lets you upload audio files?

    I am having the WORST trouble finding a free webhost that lets you upload audio files (it doesn't matter what kind of long as it accepts either .wma, .mp3, .rm, or .wav).......I need a free webhost with unlimited bandwidth (as long as the storage space is at least 5 MB), and it has to let me upload one of those audio extensions for a file.I REALLY need some help...I would really appreciate it if you guys could help! Otherwise, I'll just cry!

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    Unlimited bandwidth? most hosts can offer this for unlimited cash

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    *sighs* when will people learn...

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    Unlimited Plans

    We do not meter the usage of bandwidth of accounts that have unlimited bandwidth. Does that mean you have free reign of the server your account is on? No, it does not. Sites that use high resources like cgi, perl, php, mysql, bandwidth etc... may fall under our "High Resource Policy" and then; therefore, would be subject to a verbal warning.

    There are certain restrictions that you need to be aware of before you sign up for an unlimited plan. We created these plans so that your business or personal website can grow without fear of overrunning your bandwidth or storage space. This way you can concentrate on more important things. As long as you don't abuse your privileges as an unlimited customer, we will not monitor your usage. Here are our guidelines, which are just plain common sense.

    There are certain content that we do not allow on unlimited plans. This includes:

    File Storage sites
    Resold websites
    Sub Hosting
    Mailing lists
    Chat Rooms
    Banner rotation
    MP3, AVI, MPEG storage, archiving
    Image galleries that take over 20% total space
    ZIP file archives, or other program/file distribution
    Your unlimited site is for HTML and all of the images and other content for your site only. You may not link to images, files, or other content from any other websites. We do not allow any content that violates our policies. If you are not sure if your site would be benefited by one of our unlimited plans, then please contact us to discuss your needs. If you do need to run a storage site or other type of archive site mentioned above, please contact us about our metered plans so we can help you assess your needs.
    I don't think that is what kof is looking for. For one, it's not unlimited [lol b.c who really is] and two, audio types could be considered file storages, which they don't allow in their "unlimited" plans anyway. they also say no .mp3s which would prolly mean .wavs, ect as well, you should really e-mail them and ask if you decide to go there.

    I've never had a server that wouldn't allow uploads of those file types and I've been througgh 4 of them. lol I left for various reasons but that wasn't one of them. I tend to have 5-6 mp3s on my site at all times, and have done so with all 4 hosts, so the hosts are out there that allow it.

    Good luck

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    Dream on man. You want FREE host with UNLIMITED bandwidth?? It's like asking for a car with unlimited gas mileage.

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    Lightbulb What is your budget?

    I think you'll be able to find something suitable if you have even a small budget to work with ... even with like a budget of 5 bucks a month. Also there's a problem with unlimited bandwidth, because there really is no such thing. But I am sure you would be okay with like 10 gb of traffic if you have just 5 mb of files.

    What is your budget? I'm sure you can find something suitable for as little bit as $5 per month. It'll save you some tears Good luck

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    Originally posted by pcman
    Dream on man. You want FREE host with UNLIMITED bandwidth?? It's like asking for a car with unlimited gas mileage.
    I'd like to quote you and laugh some more,

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    Free + audio = 0

    but... if you have a band you want to promote, there are places for the hosting of audio/mp3-files to be found. I think one of them is Combine that with your normal free hosting, and you're set.
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