We recently launched InverseFlow.com, a software provider for the tech
industry and specifically Internet business. We are featuring an enhanced
line up of products, including a powerful help desk system. AND we are
offering a generous 15% grand opening discount!

Just use promotional code: GRND-DDWX when ordering.

** Some of our products which are helpful for web hosting business are: **

* http://inverseflow.com/products/helpdesk/index.php
Our customers love this amazing new helpdesk product. Featuring several
innovative features such as the ability to create multiple auto responders
for each help dept., and setting up auto responder trigger words to activate
them, as well as multiple tech levels for multiple levels of access to the system.
Our product is one of the best, but costs less than some competing products
with fewer features than InverseFlow Help Desk.

Your customers will love you when you are able to monitor their support
inquiries and FWD them to the correct dept. instead of just closing them
and asking them to re-submit their query. They will also love it when
you are able to discipline a tech for taking too long to reply to their

Many more powerful features are included, take a look!


* http://inverseflow.com/products/billing/index.php
Have you ever wished you could create an Invoice, print it and mail it to
a customer without pulling out Microsoft Office? InverseFlow has a
solution! Our Invoice Billing System keeps track of customers and who
you sent invoices to in the past. It also allows one-click creation
of new invoices for previous customers. But that's not all! InverseFlow
Invoice Billing System allows your customers to LOOK UP THEIR BILL ONLINE!
All they need is a short Invoice ID number!


* http://inverseflow.com/products/adserver/index.php
Are your advertisers taking advantage of you? If so, you should take a
look at some advertising servers. InverseFlow Advertising Server can
track and manage your ad campaigns on your publishers sites. It will
generate a detailed report of which creatives generate the best traffic
and which publisher gets the best results for you! You can even administer
an advertising network using this software. Native support for multiple
sites and advertisers is built in, as are over three dozen other innovative

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for your time.