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    Host Reviews Needed

    I need a good host and have been looking at the following hosts and was wondering if anyone had any experience good or bad with them?

    and if you have another host with my requirements post that!
    I need:
    • Over 100mb space
    • I need 30+ gb transfer a month and if possible a host that "turns the site off" when you go over transfer limit instead of chargeing beyond that
    • Good uptime and speed.
    • PHP and mySQL if possible

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    The only one I've had experience with is 9cy. and they're horrible. Very unprofessional, too.

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    never heard of those 4 hosts
    intellec get what you pay for and you pay for what you get....

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    A quick search of the forums, or Google, for that matter, should knock gisol right off your list.

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    474's web site is down.

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    I knew a few years back when they were actually a reseller. Not sure if they have they are still reselling or not.

    You can look at and the root server. That would meet your requirements. If you go over, they'll contact you as you approach your limit and let you know your options (shutoff, or pay for more)
    Gary H
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    This is what I know about It started as a free hosting provider offering 150MB of space and 1 terabyte of transfer. Needless to say Paul saw that there was no way he could cover the expenses with a single pop-up ad, so he sold out to 0catch. This was after that he started offering paid hosting. If you go to the forums ar , you will find tons of info about the compan. It is popular there, but I am not sure whether it isn't infamous...

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    Carboran-yes, I visit the forums quite a bit (Im Matt8 there also) so I know alot about 9cy's old and new free host but not much about their paid.

    I have knocked off Gisol off my list after doing one search.

    I like however I do not like their heavy prices. They may offer better services, but I can't pay that.

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    Please be careful... paying $7 for 45gb transfer isnt smart.
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    I have knocked off Gisol off my list after doing one search.
    Wise move.

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    Originally posted by STX-Hosting
    Please be careful... paying $7 for 45gb transfer isnt smart.
    Who said I was going to pay 7 bucks for something or get 45gb transfer

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    Why don't take a look to
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    Try a search on Pay Per Click search engines, you'll find a bunch of hosting sites.

    Try a search on those for "web hosting", you should get a bunch of sites.
    Kaumil P.

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