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    >>> Hosting Template / Professional / L@@K! <<<


    Synient is selling a new template that has not been resold before.

    Click here to view the template!

    Note: The black border box around the layout is from an HTML table. It is not part of the layout.

    Thank you.
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    I like it! Very very nice work one of the best I've seen on here.

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    it's mediocre

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    progex you are one of the best designers i have seen. I will be using you for my future projects for sure.

    This will sell easy. Good luck. |
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    Show us some of your work. And i'll second the motion that progex's work is mediocre.

    So far, progex's work is very good.
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    robbiem, I think progex's work is excellent! I know alot of people that have used his designs for inspiration.. And best of all they are ALL original!

    Great Stuff Progex!

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    ok cool!

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    man u have nothing to say about progex work,i've been reading ur post since u came here,u've been flaming everyone "remember Zuby"?
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    Hey prog, what are the dimensions of that? AMAZING work bro. Everything flows very nice in ALL of your designs.


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    great job!

    Great job, where did you get the deticated host guy with the wires? Its great!
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    Are you sure it's a guy? Looks like a women to me. Anyway, yet another great template. Good luck in selling

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    In RobbieM's defense, I think that constructive criticism is general is completely fine. It may not be entirely appropriate in a "template for sale" thread, but if a designer can't handle differing opinions (some negative) of his/her work than he/she should best find another career posthaste.

    Also, if we are going to accept any sort of responses in these threads that are unrelated to the actual transaction at hand (such as "hey nice template I like it") than we should accept both the praise and the criticism (asuming of course both are presented in a mature fashion). Otherwise we are censoring people, and the designer will learn nothing because the only people who will post are people saying how great their work is, which, while a nice, little, ego-boost, is not very helpful to an artist. So if you don't want people to post negative comments, don't post positive ones either. It's as simple as that.

    Also, to whoever asked RobbieM to show examples of his own work before critiquing others - Why don't you show us your work too? What gives you any more of a right to say it's an "exceptional" template without showing us the basis for your expertise than for him to say it's mediocre without showing his. Anyone can approve or dissaprove of something, but if you want to call him out, you should expect the same.

    People think that because they aren't designers they can make comments and be exempt from the same standards one would hold a designer to. If anything ones lack of design training and aesthetic sensibility should give their comments less weight than those of a designer (in an artistic sense). This is not to invalidate anyone's opinion and of course as the consumers non-designers opinions are obviously important, but don't hold the designers to a double standard.

    As I said, personal taste is one thing, but saying it's a quality design then asking anyone who disagrees to present evidence of their own ability is both hypocritical and pointless.

    I will withhold my own personal opinion of the design because this thread is in the Related Offers and Requests section not the Website Review section.

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    I appreciate the ones who had posted any form of criticism.

    Although I don't agree with every point Azaloth has made, his personal viewpoint was wisely worded and presented, and I respect that.

    As for the template, I have received requests, and will be looking them over to get back to you.

    Thank you.

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    I have not gotten any response from those who were interested in bidding, therefore, this template is still up for bid/purchase. If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Let me know, thanks.

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    I like it a lot - I was going to buy that exact design when it was displayed as an entry to a competition at sitepoint .. Did you enter that at sitepoint?

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    Yes, it was displayed as an entry (however, I had it done before the contest had started).

    But the contest starter decided to choose a different entry other than mine.

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