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    Looking for network security/Network admin work

    If you have multiple e-commerce servers that take on a lot of traffic or a network computing business without a security policy in place, then I can help. I have 5 years experience in network security and unix administration. Working mostly within the web hosting community. I'm devoted to my work and very trust worthy. I'd prefer to work for a medium sized network of unix based operating systems. But I may be interested in other oppotunities too. If you, or anyone you know, needs someone for security or network administration work please let me know.


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    Just a note.. You might want to post a link or something to show you have knowledge and five years experience...
    Recently there have been others who Claim to be security professionals and proven wrong. If you are a true security professional surely you have some documentation..

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    I have a resume of course. I'm only interested in really working with open source security. For any other system, good luck.

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    I have to laugh too when you say 'security professional' there is really no such thing my friend, anyone that says they are are fools just in it for the bucks. All you can do is point out as many flaws as possible in a system, network, code, etc and that really seems to be an endless endeavor for us all right now. And probably forever.

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