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    Arrow 2checkout or Paysystems?

    I am debating whether I should get 2checkout or paysystems as my credit card processor, I already have paypal and Citibank.

    I asked my friend about 2check and he says, "They won't ever pay you, they take FOREVER. And they always have buggy system and sometimes they charge people more than once. It's just a big mess"

    Anybody agree, disagree?

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    hm... 2Checkout is a good card processor. I use it for a year
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    So far I am happy with 2CheckOut.

    Didn't have major problems with them in more than a year.
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    Paysystems!!!! We use them and they are great - we have had clients with horror stories of not being able to get their money out of 2Checkout, with no reason given - even when they have supplied all the required documentation!

    I say Paysystems any day.

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    I am always defiant of stories about "clients having horror stories".

    It's never first-hand information and sometimes you don't get the full picture. I am not saying it is impossible to have problems with 2CheckOut, I would say PaySystems would be the same.

    I had a small misunderstanding with 2CheckOut in the past, but with some (calm) explanations, the situation was solved to my satisfaction. And for me, this is how you rate a service.
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