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    Stay away from

    I signed up for a reseller account with on 9/10, and since then I've had nothing but problems. My site was almost never up. It was moved to a different server three times and I've had a few other smaller problems too, like having my site ip address set incorrectly, and occasionally not being able to login to whm or my control panel. Also the last time two times it was moved(once after being down for 9 days!), they emailed me asking for my domain name, username, pass, etc. because I guess they don't keep their customers information anywhere excecpt for on their server. Then I had to email them three times requesting that they cancel my account...

    I suggest staying away from, unless you have a nonimportant site and don't care if it's down all the time!


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    Sorry to hear you have had a bad experience, there are some good hosts out there so keep looking.

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    That site has a ton of errors, broken links and a crappy name. I would have never went with them in the first place.

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    wow doesnt sound like fun. I wish you luck on finding a good reseller host. Before you sign up next time, check , check out reviews before you jump in.....

    Good Luck...

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    Last week bigsiteofhosting was in the request forum looking for a reseller account

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