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Thread: Support Avaible

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    Support Avaible

    In Exchange for a reseller with at least 5 gb space and around 100 gig bandwith i will do support emails and support tickets i will check them daily and do as many as i can from 4:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST
    Name:John Harton
    Skills:Good People Skills,Linux,FreeBSD,Cpanel,Ensim,C++,PHP,HTML,Graphics,Web Design
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    Experience means what companies have you worked for in the past ;-)

    Skills is what you can do.

    So I know you've used Cpanel, Ensim, FreeBSD, but which companies have you worked with?

    and you might want to reduce some of the specs for that reseller, a 100GB is a bit too much bandwidth for someone just wanting to do support requests for six hours a day

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