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    Exclamation Help! I'm drowning....

    In a sea of hosting companies. I'm not happy with my current host for a number of reasons and I'm trying to fina a new one. I'm relatively new to this whole thing so I need a lot of support. Here is what I am looking for:

    At least 500mg diskspace
    10 gig bandwidth
    Win NT
    Phone as well as email support 24/7
    Control panel and easy email controls
    The usual database support, My SQL etc.
    Frontpage extentions

    and I'd like to pay under $12.95 per month

    You guys seem to know quite a bit about this stuff. Do you have any recommendations? I'm really in a pickle and I don't want to just go with whatever CNet recommends. Please?

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    This is the correct forum for asking for recommendations/suggestions. Carry on... - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    Well instead of cnect try host reviews. Just my 2 cents
    Quality Inexpensive Hosting!

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    The only company i can think of off-hand that provides 24/7 phone support is Earthlink - I received an email (SPAM ) about their upcoming windows packages so you might want to ask them about it.

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