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    * Charitable / Humanitarian organizations: Get hosting @ up to 100% discount or Free

    Instead of posting our regular advertisement in the Dedicated Servers section today, here's something different for a change.

    Prior to launching a new section of our website dedicated to providing help to humanitarian and charitable organizations, I would like to place our offer here at WHT and get some feedback/criticism from the raging public at large is a Internet Svcs. company founded in 1997 and run by individuals whom have extreme Jewish fundamental beliefs to help charitable and humanitarian organizations; we help such organizations with hosting needs and internet presence. Hand-in-hand with our commercial services we provide such donated services and charitable hosting proportionately to our business clients, to help those in need and perhaps "make the Internet a better place" one organization at a time.

    We are therefore offering our hosting services at a discount, and even Free in many cases, to any organization whose sole purpose of existence is to provide one of the following:
    - Humanitarian Aid (local/abroad)
    - Visiting and helping the sick (cancer victims/drug abuse/etc)
    - Legal+other help for Refugees
    - Financial assistance to the poor and needy
    - Volunteer Community work
    - Any other type of kindhearted help to those in need.

    Additionaly, we may provide up to 100% discount prices on all our hosting products for:

    - Jewish companies that adhere to all orthodox Jewish laws (i.e. close on Shabbat, pay 10% or more of all earnings to charity, maintain a Jewish environment at work, etc).

    - Any organization, regardless of religious affiliation, that adheres to the Seven Laws of Noah ( ).

    - Any individual that wishes to volunteer programming skills to Humanitarian Organizations.

    - Any company that would like to provide equal offerings (i.e. free services and assistance to Humanitarian and Charitable organizations).

    To qualify for hosting and internet services, simply email [email protected] with your hosting needs and requirements, as well as a description of the type of humanitarian work that you do.

    -Sam G

    p.s. Regretfully, here I need to kindly and respectfully request that no freeloaders/dishonest people attempt to signup for our services with incorrect claims of doing any humanitarian work. Please, just for the sake of saving us and our staff some precious time while doing our work helping humanitarian organizations in need; I hope we can all act as responsible adults here, and if you are not currently doing any humanitarian work, maybe you want to think about it and indeed look into volunteering for charitable organizations in the future?
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    ispeed, i believe this may have been an honest mistake posting in the wrong forum, your post has been moved to the advertising forums.

    one thing i totally disagree with tho is rule 3 : "Do not worship false gods" whats a true god and whats a false god...

    anyways, maybe its because im not a religious type bloke, strange rituals n stuff aint for me, i believe in living for the day and living free, not living by a bunch of rules in a scripture that may or may not be true.

    Do what you believe in your heart to be right, thats the way I live life. - Fast Professional UK Web Hosting

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    Originally posted by xtstrike

    Do what you believe in your heart to be right, thats the way I live life.
    Yep that's what we do.

    Religious affiliation/belief is not important.
    Helping people in need is the primary issue that transcends all religions or beliefs.

    Nothing in the world is more important then doing kindness, giving a dime to a poor man, visiting and comforting a sick person, providing food & shelter to the homeless, or best yet, helping organizations that have a much larger scope and ability to provide all the above to many more recipients on a much larger scale; but don't get me wrong, even one person giving one penny to charity is also a great act of kindness and a good deed.

    My personal belief is that besides going awol competing in the business market, we should also not forget those whom are less fortunate then us, and provide at least a percentage of earnings to humanitarian organizations that help the needy.

    That is why provides up to 100% discounts on hosting services to humanitarian org's, as well as we will help and support other companies that wish to do the same (i.e. provide your companies svcs. for free to any humanitarian organization(s) of your choice).

    All our humanitarian efforts are 100% funded via our underlying corporate business.

    It is simply a matter of principle, to take a share of your earnings and help others, and help others help others, and help others help others help others ...

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