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    Hosting recommendation for graphics intensive site?

    Hi! I've been searching the forums but haven't found the info I'm looking for - maybe I'm not searching well enough. I'm looking to host my first site - my own site - and it will be graphics/art intensive, so I want to find a place that will cheaply (under $15/month) yet relliably give me 50+ megs of space (is that enough?) I was looking at readyhosting because they support everything including ColdFusion, but now I hear not-so-good stories.

    I also have a few clients that are looking to me to find them hosting.

    I've NEVER done any of this before - I've just started freelancing while still being an in-house web worker bee. Any advice is appreciated.

    Go Daddy looks good? I just registered my domain with them. But I'm open to other suggestions for places that are newbie friendly.

    This group is awesome by the way - I just signed on last night and I've learned so much! Thanks!

  2. #2 is pretty newbie friendly as far as domains are concerned, but people have had problems with their Windows hosting. has really good support (especially for newbies), I am hosted with them. And suggest them as well.

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    Thanks, how about... Anyone use them?

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    Im not familier with hummingbirdhosting. I would just make sure you do a good search on here before you go anywhere. It seems like you are already familier with that though! Good luck!
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    Don't worry if you find a few bad reviews of the host you like. If you have a lot of clients it is inevitable that there are some complaints (legitimate or not). It would worry me if there were NO complaints at all Maybe they only have 5 customers?

    Only when I'ld notice a lot of complaints/negative threads on a certain host would I look elsewhere.

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    well futurequest and hostmatters have no complaints on this board at all, and both host thousands of websites so that's not always true.

    No coldfusion support at the ones above though. If coldfusion support isn't a requirement (merely a request), I'd look at both of those.
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