Hello, i am currently available for more work. I have completed several of the requested projects offered. I Appologize to those of you who i did not have time for. I quoted my old message and added some new projects i have done.

Thank you.

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Hello, I am an experienced graphics designer. I have been working with Adobe Photoshop for several years, and have been programming html for a little longer than that. I have done many client projects, so if you need any contacts, email me and i will give them to you.
I never ask for money uphand, but rather once you have seen and are fully satisfied with my work. Work quickly, and efficiently. Can create any style of webdesign, weather its high or low bandwidth.
I am also experienced in PHP, so if interested i can write custom PHP scripts for your site.
If anyone is interested, or need more information, please email me at [email protected]. My price quote is anywhere from 100 - 600$+, depending on the project size.



Script Archive
A site i never completed. Domain and design are for sale. (most of the coding is done)

Script Archive v1
This is the first design for script archive, it is also for sale.

This is my design homepage, i am currently designing, so if anyone can put the design to use, its for sale.

RazorEFX v1
One of my old sites, i never used it, and its also for sale.

A site i made for a client, real site at www.ppddialers.com. Simplicity was a factor in this design. Was a great success.

A hosting design, never finished, and not even in html yet. This one is for sale.


X-Core Logo
High graphics logo.

Winamp 3 Skin (Screen Shot)
A winamp skin i started.

If interested in any of the designs, or hiring me as a designer, please contact me at the following:

Email: [email protected]
MSN Messanger: [email protected]
AOL Messanger: Nova3d
ICQ: 167586070

Thank you.
New Design Projects Completed:

Gold Rider
One of my more recent simple webdesigns.
Sepherum Hosting
A hosting design currently being coded.
Asset Guard
Simplisity was requested in this design. I am pretty happy with it.

New PHP Projects Completed:

Custom Shopping Cart
Custom shopping cart created for assetguard.ws. Fully custom, coded from scratch. Is linked with a download system so once user has completed payment file (depending on whats picked in shopping cart) is taken out of a secure folder and moved into another for the user to download. Very stable and secure. URL's cannot be tampered with as error message will be displayed. Many other features included in this. Also working on affiliate system for this website.

Thank you for your time. My contacts are still the same.

Email: [email protected]
MSN Messanger: [email protected]
AOL Messanger: Nova3d
ICQ: 167586070