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    Peer1 San Jose disaster

    Looks like Peer1 in San Jose lost power and cooling on Sat early morning. Looks like customer equipment almost got fried and Peer1 almost lost their networking gear to heat. I hear it was almost the dreaded catastrophe.

    Anyone else can confirm ?

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    Nothing is going to get fried or overheat if you lose POWER and cooling. Losing cooling only perhaps, but no power usually equals no heat.

    To answer your specific question, no, I haven't heard of any issues at that facility over the weekend.
    --chuck goolsbee, Prineville, Oregon, USA
    Please note: I no longer work for digital.forest in Seattle, WA, as I left them in early 2010 to pursue an amazing opportunity at an amazing datacenter project elsewhere... I do not speak for digital.forest here. However I still know they provide the best colocation in the Pacific Northwest.

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    I was forwarded the info on the incident on their website.

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