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    Webpage give error

    Hi GUys,

    I had a big problem.

    My website appear to be down. I went to reboot my server. However, the website still can't be bought up.

    I restarted named and httpd, the website still don't appear. I am really worry now.

    Any ideas what could be wrong?

    btw, i am using psa v2.5.5_build020809.15 os_RedHat 7.1

    Any help will be appreciate. Thanks.

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    Is the domain resolving? Can you ping it? ssh to it? Could you be a little more vague ?
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    The domain can't be resolve, ping. Look to be dns problem. The thing is the nameserver settling on the server had been untouch for very long and all of the sudden the server go crazy and give this dns problem.

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