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    * Need Recommendation For Volunteer Host

    I run a small volunteer site called InterPUG [link]. We support and host local Palm User Groups from around the world. When I originally began InterPUG, I figured that each PUG would know HTML, how to create a web site etc. Needless to say nothing could have been further from the truth.

    I should also add that we host for free. Currently, there's very little, if any revenue is generated for the site. I do it mostly because I have a soft spot for Palm User Groups (PUGs) and want to help anyway I can.

    Anyway, I've just purchased a new server for a colo and I'm looking for software for a control panel and site builder. I'd prefer an open source or free solution, but I'm willing to spend some money in order to get a higher quality product.

    I've searched the forums here and I have to admit that it's a bit daunting trying to sift through all the posts to find what would work best for my needs. That being said, it appears that Positive Software [[URL=[/URL]] has some nice solutions.

    By my calculations, I could get the following for 100 account licences:

    - H-Sphere = $495 +$95 install

    - Site Studio = $150 + 75 install

    So, for a one time fee of $815, it would appear that I would be all setup.

    Anyone else have any suggestions for me? Are there some other options that you can recommend?

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    You can provide free hosting to your PUG's, and they also come with templates.

    An example of a well-known free provider who uses communityarchitect is

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    Thanks for the feedback and the link.

    I took a look at Community Architect [link], but there's three things I don't like about it.

    1. They take over your DNS

    2. They host all the affiliate sites.

    3. It's not a true software application that installs on your server and allows you to manage it.

    It's a good solution for some, but I'm a bit of a control freak.

    Anyone else have a suggestion?

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    If you purchase Hsphere it comes with sitestudio free.
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    That's good to know! I didn't pick that up from their web site. That makes this much more afforable than I thought.

    Are you using HSphere?

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    Yes, I think it's a great way to go. Check your PM's.
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