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    ..::Looking for advertisors::..

    I am looking advertisors for my website.
    This website has about 1000 unique visitors a day and has about 14000 pages views per day. Here is the webstat I am looking for 2 advertisors for 40 dollars each a month. You will have a account to view your banner's statistics. I can accept only paypal. Please e-mail me or pm me if you are intrested [email protected] You will have an account to show you how many times your banner has been displayed and how many clicks.
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    thats my nick name.
    I use it on everywhere.
    still have 2 spaces.

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    You should consider using a more professional name, or your real name.
    Have you Floble'd today?

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    it is a game website so...
    Ok i will change it when u make another website.
    Any intrested?

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    ok Changed..

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    still have 2 spaces

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