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    Looking for a new hosting provider

    Right now there isn't a price cap as I am just shopping. I am looking for a shared/vps/dedicated provider that can provide the following items.

    * shouldn't have a restriction on content
    * should be able to do 1000MB/month transfer minimum
    * 30GB disk space minimum
    * allow file mirrors

    Right now I am not looking for anything too specific but as of right now I have a file mirror that I would like to keep and is starting to exceed the practical limits of a shared provider. I am leaving the shared option open though if another provider is willing to take it up. My current mirror is getting ready to hit the 10GB disk mark and is transferring 600+GB monthly. It has been running for over 2 years and I would like to keep it that way. The other part of the site would likely be a blog but nothing spectacular.

    Oh and for the first item... The usual restrictions apply. I understand the legal bits so if torrent trackers/clients/files are restricted then that is ok. The adult content restriction bit is ok since I don't actually plan on hosting any.

    P.S. - The mirror started off at 4GB disk and 200GB monthly... I currently have a 13TB bandwidth cap and 600GB disk.

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    Definitely a dedicated or at least a VPS simply due to your requirement for bandwidth.

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    Hence why I said it was exceeding practical limits for a shared provider. My current provider isn't complaining but still. Just a FYI here for everyone. My currrent provider had in their old TOS that anything goes as long as it is legal and doesn't crash the server. They havn't complained yet. Currently I am not in violation of their current policies because the restriction on file mirrors only applies to their new unlimited plan. Anyways dedicated is a route I was considering.

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    Will you need a managed or unmanaged solution?

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    As of right now it doesn't really matter. I'll take a managed one over an unmanaged one if the price is right but I have no issues doing the software part myself especially if it saves a nice chunk of change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shinji257 View Post
    As of right now it doesn't really matter. I'll take a managed one over an unmanaged one if the price is right but I have no issues doing the software part myself especially if it saves a nice chunk of change.
    Just remember most hosts require you to have a secure server as to not compromise their network. If you're not sure how to do that, ask them if they can perform initial server hardening.

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    Dedicated server and/or offshore plans sounds sensible, and as metnioned having secure server is must for some hosts
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    Lol. I realize that. It is important to me. I had a VPS for about 3 months in the past and one of the things I did was had brute force attacks detected and blocked/banned. More than 5 attempts within a 30 second period was banned immediately without recourse. I just had to be careful not to block myself.

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    Grab yourself a cPanel dedicated server and install ConfigServer Firewall and then run it's security test and that will give you a fairly secure environment. It's not the be-all and end-all of securing a server by any means but if you're going to go dedicated and not use a control panel pay somebody to secure it for you such as Steven at Rack911.

    I can highly recommend SoftLayer personally - they offer amazing service and their support is good for the server itself. It's not a managed service but you can open an administration ticket for $3/each which is great considering many unmanaged providers charge $60/hour with a 1-hour minimum for support on an unmanaged server.
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    Ok. I guess I need to set a price point. I am hoping for <$100 per month if possible. SoftLayer is above that mark...

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    If your site runs a busy site with scripting and database too, you will need to be on a pretty powerful server in general and dedicated servers are not all that powerful at this price point especially if you need it managed.

    It sounds like VPS is is a good route for you. Netdepot has VPS for $109 month with 2GB RAM and 2000 GB data transfer on Dual Intel Quad Xeon (8 cores) and 100 GB storage on RAID 10 , Cpanel is $10 I believe.

    I am sure there are many deals out there.

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    Yea. You have a very valid point there and I might be able to stretch my budget a bit. One of my buddies pointed me to a dedicated with a quad-core, 8gb ram, 3tb bandwidth for $124 a month. not bad really but i don't want to spend too much here. I don't have an actual site going yet...

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