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    Force DNS update, website not found in Europe

    Hello. I'm fairly new to dedicated servers. I believe my DNS entries are correct. I can get to my sites fine.

    I've got a client in Virginia that can't get to them sometimes. Also, I've got a company in Amsterdam that hasn't been able to get to the sites for weeks. That's plenty of time for the sites to propgate through DNS.

    I had to change the IP rages I was using a few weeks ago. Again, I can view all the sites through my browser fine.

    Has anyone experienced this before? Is there a way to force an update of other DNS servers?

    Here's the client's URL:

    DNS Info:


    [email protected]

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    Looks like there is a problem with your secondary nameserver.

    Missing nameservers 2 ERROR: One or more of the nameservers listed at the root servers are not listed as NS records at your nameservers. The problem NS records are:

    NS records at your nameservers Your NS records at your nameservers are: [TTL=86400]

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