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    Post Remote Ticket/Forum/Telephone Support Position Sought

    I am looking to do remote forum and/or ticket support and be paid on a per-ticket answered basis or a hourly rate. Note that I will not even entertain any commission-based gimmicks or other ploys.

    My Experience:

    - Provided technical support for a major Real Estate Software Company for nine months. Worked extensive overtime at this position and handled advanced Borland program issues. Extensive experience in troubleshooting the Borland Database Engine (BDE).

    - Providing remote support to a major third-party credit card processing company with a userbase of 3,000+ clients. Providing general 1st Level support assistance to users requiring assistance with scripting, perl-based shopping carts and other tasks including answering questions about the firm's proprietary account management admin panel.

    My Skills:

    - Avid Windows 2000 user for about six months.
    - Avid Windows 98/95/NT4 (combined) user for about five years.
    - MSDOS user and supporter for a very long time.
    - Knowledgeable in most aspects of webhosting that customers inquire about such as mail, real servers, databases and so on.
    - Fast learner, glad to learn from those with experience.
    - Good "forum-side" manner.
    - Often seen by customers as being "on their side".

    My Rates:

    - Hourly: $9.00/hr ($10.50/hr if you dont withhold taxes and put me on a 1099 form.)
    - Per Ticket: $0.60/ticket ($0.85 if you dont withhold taxes and put me on a 1099 form.)
    - If you want to drop a T1 into my living room (at your expense) I'll work for free.
    - As arranged otherwise in writing.

    Payment Methods:

    - Weekly/Bi-Weekly check by snail mail
    - Weekly/Bi-Weekly direct deposit/ACH
    - As arranged otherwise in writing.
    - PayPal is NOT an option. I hate PayPal. I won't be a part of contributing to thier scams.

    Testimonials: (What other customers have said about my support - and yes they can be verified):

    - "Be nice to [MyName], he's actually on OUR side"
    - "I will say now that the advise [MyName] gave me worked. I have left 2 different posts and on one, he gave a couple suggestions not even knowing what the problem was and one worked. So THANK YOU."

    My Working Hours:

    - Flexible, but prefer late evenings or late nights. (6PM to 6AM Eastern Standard Time)

    I am currently doing remote support for a major third-party payment processor, but I would like something else to do when I am not working for them.

    Note that I will inform my current employer of my relationship with any party who hires me as a result of this post and will not accept any position which may constitute a conflict of interest. This means that I will not be offering my services to any company whose core business is that of processing credit cards or online payments or EFT.

    (Resume available upon request to those who provide me a link to their company's webpage and a telephone number where you may be reached).


    Some companies seem to think that it is acceptable to take advantage of their support employees by cheating them on payments, refusing to pay them and so on. I have no desire to work for someone who intends to take free labor from me. Either you can afford me, or you cant. But do not even consider cheating me. I provide an honest days work for an honest days pay, and you will see this. I charge the rates I do because the service I provide is superior. You can find anyone to cut and paste canned responses into e-mails all day long and hit send. You cant find someone who will treat your customers like their own easily.

    Likewise, some hosting companies exist only to rip off their customers. Please note that I have no desire to work for anyone who is running a scam, and I assure you that you also do not want me to work for you. Because if you are running a scam and I find out about it, I will put you in the news as the FBI's latest online fraud bust. I have ethics and I dont want dirty money that you have stolen from others.

    Please Send a PM, Do Not Post Below!

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    you seem like a bossy boot.. You probably boss the manager around dont you
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    wow, the first person ive seen here offering support that can actually spell (most of the time . good job.

    on a sidenote, there is nothing wrong with a person who knows what he wants. i am sure an employer would get to provide him with an equivalent set of comments outlining their expectations as related to his employment.

    good luck,
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    Impressive Resume,
    Be a grunt for RackShack, They would for sure hire you :-)
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    Funny, this is the same post that I made (plus a couple of sentences) about three months ago and no one had anything sarcastic to say about it...

    I have zero response at this point in time. Now, I can't believe that no one out there needs support reps who can spell (as one user so kindly pointed out)

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