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    5 Layouts for $100!!!! get it before its gone!

    i am selling all 5 for $100 cause i really need money. email [email protected] paypal or CC only.

    layout #5

    Layout #1

    Layout #2

    Layout #3
    You get: PSD

    Layout #4
    You get PSD

    Custom Pro Designs
    If you want custom web designs, i can do it for $100-$200. Paypal only, pay half up front. email me [email protected] thx or AIM sn: kailaindustries

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    whats your deal?

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    Your a life saver hobo!

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    can i ask why hobo is a life saver i would not pay 100 for then they look like copys to me

    i know i have seen sites like


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    I've seen these templates for sale so many times and i mean so many times, but never have i seen someone saying they're copies or something. Are you sure fasthostz ??

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    Nah there not copies it's just that Xatron has posted the same templates over and over and over and then again and again. So basically anyone that doesn't keep track of his name wouldn't know they aren't copies. Im surprised no one has bought at least one template hes posted these so many times. Xatron work harder your style is ok you can get better look at what your doing wrong.

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    Ya .. maybe you're just ummm thinking of those templates.. This wouldn't be the first time you've seen those.. I highly doubt they're copies..

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    The bad thing is that each time they are posted they are worth less and less because it becomes known that several times before no one wanted them.

    My suggestion is to stop trying to force feed the people with these templates. Make some new ones and try again.
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    Thank you dreamHOBO. Afther a bad day u really made me rolling on the floor laughing

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    Imho, #3 and #4 aren't really worth selling. #5 is alright, but not doesn't really fit the hosting look.

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    i bid 30,000 pesos. (roughly 10 cents)

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    Originally posted by blackdog
    i bid 30,000 pesos. (roughly 10 cents)
    Why do people in WHT insist in ****ting on other peoples work?

    He may not be an incredible designer, but he is offering a good rate for someone trying to get into hosting with a tight budget.

    While it may not be enforced at all, this is stated in the forum rules:
    We take the "be polite" rule VERY seriously! We do not tolerate ANY rudeness. Any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive will receive one warning (at our discretion), and if the member offends again the member will be banned without warning.

    If you don't like his work, and are not willing to pay $100 for 5 templates, don't flame his thread.


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    Well like i sayd last time, i don't understand why he didn't sold one yet. Especially if you see what does get sold here on wht.

    Anyway a tip resize your image (your screenshots). A lot of peoples are using winxp or iexplorer 6 and they didn't find the enlarge button yet. So when they look at your screenshots it looks cropped and blurry.

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    acualyy,i dont know how u didnt sell those yet too,i just showed my Brother the place her couple of days ago,and he sold his"first templae" for 90$......and i mean the first template he ever made
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