Hello Friends,

Lately at SBYWEB, we've had a lot of influence from a lot of other webhosting companies giving us tips, etc...

But one tip really stood out. Most people on the internet wont pay alot of money. And it hit us, lets restructure the company, offer great support, and offer the best pricing available. That is what we did!!!!

Take a look at this!

-Shared Hosting .:. -Shared Hosting Features

Bronze Plan -- 200 MB Space -- 10 GB Bandwidth -- $20 per year!
Silver Plan -- 400 MB Space -- 15 GB Bandwidth -- $40 per year!
Gold Plan -- 600 MB Space -- 20 GB Bandwidth -- $6 per month .:. $60 per year!
Olympic Gold Plan -- 800 MB Space -- 25 GB Bandwidth -- $8 per month .:. $80 per year!
Platinum Plan -- 1 GB Space -- 30 GB Bandwidth -- $10 per month .:. $100 per year!

-Reseller Hosting .:. -Reseller Hosting Features

Bronze Plan -- 1 GB Space -- 30 GB Bandwidth -- $10 per month .:. $100 per year!
Silver Plan -- 2 GB Space -- 40 GB Bandwidth -- $20 per month .:. $200 per year!
Gold Plan -- 3 GB Space -- 50 GB Bandwidth -- $30 per month .:. $300 per year!
Olympic Gold -- 4 GB Space -- 60 GB Bandwidth -- $40 per month .:. $400 per year!
Platinum Plan -- 5 GB Space -- 70 GB Bandwidth -- $50 per month .:. $500 per year!

And thats not all! If for any of our plans you enter this special code 1092 you'll recieve an extra 200 MB Space and an extra 2 GB Bandwidth added to your plans! Make sure to use this code ONLY in the non-cost coupon box located at the very bottom of signup!

And thats still not all!!!! Pay yearly for any reseller plan, and get a free domain included! Just tell us which one you want in the comments box upon ordering.

But wait! Theres still one more goodie left! Pay yearly on the Gold, Olympic Gold, or platinum Reseller Plans and get free IP'S and Nameservers!

-Cobalt Raq Hosting
Is also now available, please check out www.sbyweb.net/hosting/pro.htm
Check out the RAQ Features at www.sbyweb.net/hosting/featuresp.htm

I rest my case that these prices are unbelieveable. The only host that I've seen beating this was hostonce, and they offer the infamout unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

How do they do it? Well, SBY already has a great customer and staff base. We have great hardware, and software installations. A great community. The overall point is, we are already established. But, it came to the point of "What do we do now?" Thats when we had a sit-down with a lot of major hosting companies. Until we hit one, who had 500 current customers, and his prices are just about like our new ones. He told us, in order to be successful, put yourself in there shoes. Do you really want to pay that much? And our answer was no. And then he explained how no one really wants to pay that much anymore, and we got it, and we did something about it. Now those 3 special deals at the bottom wont last long, so dont wait!

You can contact us .:.

IM Support -- Click here for details. http://www.sbyweb.net/forum/showthre...=&threadid=128
Forums -- Im currently there awaiting your questions! http://forum.sbyweb.net
E-Mail -- [email protected]
Or call toll-free right now 1-866-650-1234 \
Forum, E-Mail, and Phone are the best ways to contact us!

I look forward to working with you all. Have a great day!
Joshua Brown
Executive Director of SBYWEB
[email protected]