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    How to replace question marks with forward slashes in URL's


    I have a PHP script that places question marks in the URL, and I'm trying to get it to replace them with forward slashes. Does anyone know of a resource that can help with this?

    I'm pretty sure it comes down to a Apache mod, but unfortionately this isn't my area of expertise.

    Thanks any help.


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    PHP Code:
    //The above gets the URI string aka /test.php/asd/skjle
    //and explodes it into an array...

    //That signifies the first thing in the URI array, aka test.php
    //This signafies the second thing in the URI array aka asd
    //This signafies the third thing in the URI array aka skjle

    Just that easy
    -Mat Sumpter
    Director, Product Engagement
    Penton Media

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    Wow- I sure appreciate you taking the time in doing that for me.

    Would I simply place this in each php file?

    Sorry- I know absolutely nothing about PHP.

    Thanks again-- very kind of you.


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    If you go to and mouse over "View" on the right side, you'll see what I'm trying to get rid of.

    A typical URL for these would be

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