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    INTWebHosting issues! >:O

    My first mistake was probably trying to find a cheap host with a lot of space. In my search, I found and decided to give them a try.
    My second mistake was paying the year up front, because now I want a refund and I can't get it.

    I've only been with them a month, and so far the service has been terrible. I've never had to e-mail a host so many times in one month!! Their response time to my problems usually takes three to four days, sometimes even a week. Every other host I've had could respond within 24 hours, so what's their problem? Their control panel isn't very navigation friendly and their servers are incredibly slow.

    But what really got me was when I asked for subdomains. I couldn't set them up myself, something I'm not used to, I had to e-mail INTWebhosting to set them up. That's fine, just a little unexpected...

    One of the subdomains I set up was for a user that needed a lot of bandwidth. Apparently the bandwidth consumption was too much, because then I got an e-mail from the user saying that someone had deleted the account! It sure wasn't me, so we figured it was someone from INTWebhosting. INT boasts to offer unlimited bandwidth. Usually that's a red light to me of a bad host, but if you say you offer unlimited bandwidth, mean it! That's false advertising. >:/

    Since then I've been trying to get in touch with them about their service. At first I just wanted verification as to why they deleted the account. I waited about a week and got no response, so then I e-mailed and asked to take advantage of their 30-day guarantee. It's been OVER a week and no response!!

    I'm wondering if they're ignoring my e-mails, and it's really ticking me off. I don't know what to do! If they'd just REPLY to me, I wouldn't be so mad, but JEEZ...

    Has anyone else dealt with this host??

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    Oh come on man, unlimited bandwidth! You are a big boy now and should know that unlimited bandwidth is a myth... Like Santa And paying year up front is really really wrong. Only bad hosts offer that because they want to get your money.
    Why don't ya Kiss My Floppy?

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    Okay super, but that really wasn't the point of my post. And I'll thank you not to assume I'm a guy.

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