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    Help building dedicated server for image hosting site

    I am building a dedicated server. It will be used for my image hosting website which is fairly small now, but is steadily increasing. It runs entirely on cold fusion and will be running windows 2000 server, cold fusion 5, SQL Database and a few other applications. I have about 20 members now but adding a few each day. When a user is uploading their images by the browser based upload it slows to a stall on shared hosting, so that is why I am moving to dedicated.

    I will also use this dedicated server for a few non-related image galleries that I will be submitting. This will eat up the bandwidth fast, but shouldn't put much strain on the comp, right?

    Okay so I am building it. It will be in a mid-tower and will be hosted via colocation(deal semi-worked out) for $100 a month including 50gigs bandwidth.

    Can you help me with what do you think I need. I do not wish to spend more than about $1000US.

    I was thinking a dual 1800+ system with 1 gig ddr and 2 60gigs ide(one backs up the other). No sound/video needed. But maybe I should go with 2 36gig u160 drives and use a 80gig ide to back that up.

    Will I really notice a difference running dual 1800's. Maybe I should just get one 2400+ and use the extra for something else.

    Do you think I really need scsi for this type of site or would ide work just fine?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Bump any help is appreciated.

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    Sounds like a TGP site. IDE shoud work fine. Get 7200RPM 80GB drives with 8MB of cache. That will work fine for you. Two things you will want is lots of RAM, say 1GB of DDR PC2100. You don't need an amazingly fast processor, but dual would be the best.
    Jason Murdock

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    Thats a nice way to put it TGP

    Possibly only if I have time after running my real site. i am think 2 60gig 8mb ide drives mirroring each other.

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    What would you recommend 512mb(maybe 768mb) or pc2700 ram or 1gig of pc2100 in the server?

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    Since you are coloing the box, you can start out with 512MB in a single stick and then move up if you need to. I've not found an extreme amount of performance difference between PC2700 and PC2100 on servers, so whichever you can get cheapish.
    Jason Murdock

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    yea 1gig 2100 be fine

    and you can start with 512 and when you near using all of it then add more no need to start with a gig unless you want too.

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    Okay what do you think is a better hard drive configuration. Redundancy is KING.

    2 - 80gig 8mb cache drives in Raid 1


    4 - 40gig 2mb cache drives in Raid 10

    Is it possible to have instead of 4 - 40gig drives, have 2-40gig and one 80gig in Raid 10. The 80gig would be the backup for the 2-40gigs running in raid 0.


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