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Thread: New SIte Look

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    New SIte Look

    We are a hosting co. which has started to gear our business more in the gaming area, we would like a site to reflect this. We also require some php work for an order form etc..aswell as a new logo.

    If you feel you can help us, please drop us an email with a link to yoru portfolio.


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    FastRack Hosting - HTTP://WWW.FASTRACK-HOST.COM
    [email protected]

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    No offense to you or your company, but we are looking for a little more of an experienced designer.

    thanks for your inquiry however.

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    You should get in touch with Jeff of ePixelMedia. He's a great guy, who works cheap and designs professionaly.

    His AIM is ePixelMedia

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    Brisbane, Australia | The place to be :-)
    -BlueShift Designs - dynamic, affordable, no-fuss webdevelopment |
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    Jeff is no longer part of epixelmedia as far as I know

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    Our team would be delighted to help..

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    Hello mulligan,

    We are always eager to take on new projects.

    - Nick Mahon
    Professional Web Development

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    thanks for all the replies, we have found a designer.

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