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    * [UK] 1 per month VPS! RapidSwitch VPS offering

    Just 1 per month for a high quality VPS from RapidSwitch!

    Our VPS (Virtual Private Servers or Virtual Dedicated Servers) give you the flexibility of a dedicated server, without the cost. Your service has a privately segmented section of a physical server, so you can install all your own applications and software. You get full root/Administrator access to your VPS. This is ideal if you have a website that does not demand all the resources of a physical dedicated server, but needs a step above shared hosting.

    VPS Starter
    384 MB RAM
    15 GB Hard Disk
    Upto 2 IP Addresses
    150 GB Bandwidth
    7.95/ month from June
    1.00 / month

    VPS Standard
    512 Mb RAM
    20 GB Hard Disk
    Upto 4 IP Addresses
    300 GB Bandwidth
    14.95/ month from June
    2.00 / month

    VPS Professional
    768 Mb RAM
    35 GB Hard Disk
    Upto 4 IP Addresses
    500 GB Bandwidth
    24.95 / month

    VPS Business
    1 GB RAM
    50 GB Hard Disk
    Upto 4 IP Addresses
    1000 GB Bandwidth
    34.95 / month

    VPS Enterprise
    2 GB RAM
    100 GB Hard Disk
    Upto 16 IP Addresses
    2000 GB Bandwidth
    Limited Stock!
    64.95 / month
    Ed Butler - RapidSwitch Dedicated Servers
    Call us on 0808 2380033
    Or email

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    Do you accept moneybookers?
    I contacted sales yesterday and I still didn't recieve any answer.

    If someone of my clients on your VPS/Dedicated hosts something what is against your TOS, will you contact me and let me to handle it or you will suspend the whole serer. I just want to be sure


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    We accept payment by card, bank transfer or cheque, we do not currently accept PayPal or Moneybookers.

    If your server is found breaching our terms and conditions we may suspend your service.

    Our Terms and Conditions can be found at
    Charlie Stace
    RapidSwitch - Dedicated / Colocated Servers
    Call 01753 471040

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