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    * [UK] 1 per month VPS! RapidSwitch VPS offering

    Just 1 per month for a high quality VPS from RapidSwitch!

    Our VPS (Virtual Private Servers or Virtual Dedicated Servers) give you the flexibility of a dedicated server, without the cost. Your service has a privately segmented section of a physical server, so you can install all your own applications and software. You get full root/Administrator access to your VPS. This is ideal if you have a website that does not demand all the resources of a physical dedicated server, but needs a step above shared hosting.

    VPS Starter
    384 MB RAM
    15 GB Hard Disk
    Upto 2 IP Addresses
    150 GB Bandwidth
    7.95/ month from June
    1.00 / month

    VPS Standard
    512 Mb RAM
    20 GB Hard Disk
    Upto 4 IP Addresses
    300 GB Bandwidth
    14.95/ month from June
    2.00 / month

    VPS Professional
    768 Mb RAM
    35 GB Hard Disk
    Upto 4 IP Addresses
    500 GB Bandwidth
    24.95 / month

    VPS Business
    1 GB RAM
    50 GB Hard Disk
    Upto 4 IP Addresses
    1000 GB Bandwidth
    34.95 / month

    VPS Enterprise
    2 GB RAM
    100 GB Hard Disk
    Upto 16 IP Addresses
    2000 GB Bandwidth
    Limited Stock!
    64.95 / month

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    Do you accept moneybookers?
    I contacted sales yesterday and I still didn't recieve any answer.

    If someone of my clients on your VPS/Dedicated hosts something what is against your TOS, will you contact me and let me to handle it or you will suspend the whole serer. I just want to be sure


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