hello are you looking into the posibility of reselling hosting?. This is a good oportunity for people to make a

litle bit of money and not have the expense of having your own equipment as well as puting your time into keeping

that equipment runing perfectly. So if your looking to make some money reselling is right for you.

Anyways what i have here is a prebuilt hosting site dashost.com. This is a reseller for http://www.hostareus.com

webhosting. The biding will start at $100.

What you get:

Reseller space from hostareus webhosting's own reseller program level 3 package free for 2 months.
25 Gigs Monthly Transfer
2.5 Gigs Disk Space
a value of $30 per month
No Limit for Domains Hosted
Personalized Nameservers
WebHostManager / CPanel
POP3 Accounts
Auto Responders
Mailing Lists
Domain Pointers
Your Own namservers and 2 dedicated ips
...and much more

The site design is yours and yours to keep. Do with it as you please. It will never be resold to anyone else. It

features scripts installed with it also. They are perldesk, a support ticketing system, and NiXT whmManager.

Also once the 2 months are up you can upgrade or downgrade your reseller account. If you dont like us you can even

chose to leave if you want.

If you need help with the site like updating it etc. I will do that for you also no extra charges.

As for payment I will accept paypal or check or money order. I prefer paypal though. To bid you can post here or

contact me at [email protected] . You may also contact me if you have any questions.